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Death by Amazon

It appears all three major market indices will close higher for the third consecutive week.

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Pathfinder 1

This marks the second consecutive week of gains in the markets on the back of a dovish Federal Reserve statement and economic data pointing to a trending slowdown.

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NASA Goes Upscale

It might have felt like nothing went well this week considering the headlines, but in actuality, the markets held up better than expected.

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Density Security Fogger

What a week. The month of September is certainly not disappointing as it continues its reign as the worst month of the year

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Decongestant SNAFU

I was poised to state that summer has officially ended, before realizing we have one more week.

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Labor Pains

After barreling down the highway most of the year, investors are starting to wonder if maybe 110mph is perhaps too fast.

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